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Our Apostolates 

Healing Ministry
Social Work

Faith Formation

FAITH FORMATION “My little children, for whom I am again in the anguish of childbirth until Christ is formed in you”. (Gal. 4:19) CMC is founded mainly for the Christian formation of the people, especially of women and children. Through Christian formation, we transform the world into a renewed people in Christ by living holy and leading others to holiness and thus enthrone Jesus in the hearts of everyone.

Faith Formation is the first and foremost Apostolic Mission of CMC. Faith Formation Team (FFT) is formulated in order to make the Christian Formation of the people of God more effective and fruitful. Ten percent of the members of various age groups of St. Euphrasia Province are engaged in this field. Three and a half percentage of the total income of the province is set apart for this purpose. Faith Formation St. Euphrasia Province includes mainly in the following streams: -

1. Family Ministry (Home Mission) 10% of the members serve as full-time members in this field. The Superiors take in charge of this Mission in each parish. We could extend our services of family ministry in all the parishes in co-operation with the diocese.


2. Faith Formation through Catechism: We have been rendering our services in conducting Sunday Catechism in our Parishes and daily catechism in our schools, and also in helping to conduct intensive catechism during long vacations, and helping the parish priests in preparing the children for first Holy Communion and other Sacraments. Our sisters are interested to lead and guide the members of the organisations like Jesus Kids, Holy Childhood, CML, Alter Boys & Angels etc.

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3. Carmel Buds It is an association of children from the Catholic families. Our L.P. and U.P. children are grouped as Carmel Buds and are given training in praying Rosary, Bible quiz etc Besides the meeting and other programmes in association with each convent, Carmel buds gather twice in the province level and classes related to the teachings of St. Chavara and St. Euphrasia are given to them. A Quiz programme organize for them and felicitate the winners.


4. Christeen Ministry A three days Christeen Programme, Personality development programmes, Seminars, were arranged for UP, High School and College studentsby our FFT in order to empower them and to enable them to help each other both spiritually and socially.The students enjoyed it very well especially the Confession, Adoration and Holy Mass which led them into spiritual experience.

• Chavara– Euphrasia Day Besides Holy mass, special prayer and Chavaraand Euphrasia messages conducted in every Institutions.Moreover, skit competition, Chavara Euphrasia Quiz Compettition etc. was organized in Schools.


5. Youth Ministry Our sisters are engaged in Youth ministry. In the three Eparchies of Karnataka Syro -Malabar Church, 3 CMC Sisters are given leadership in guiding the Youth of our Church.


6. Mathruvedi This is a group of women who initiate in many activities in the parishes. Our Sisters are the animators of these groups and help them in spiritual and social service activities. Seminars, classes and one-day reflections are conducted for them in order to empower them and to enable them to help each other both spiritually and socially. We guide them in the making of Rosaries and their distribution.


7. Counselling Counselling is the most important and remarkable service to the people. Our sisters are rendering counselling to the parents, children and youth to attain better psychological and personal growth. About 10 sisters are working in schools, colleges and other centres. All these programs help the people not only to get release from loneliness, depression, anxiety, teenage problems, sexual problems, alcoholism, stress and strain etc. but also to grow them in Christian faith.


8. Charismatic Prayer Groups Charismatic Renewal Gathering is conducted once in a month when the charismatic leaders from different communities engage in vigil and conduct prayer. Our Sister are participating in these gatherings and giving talks and sharing.


9. Evangelization through Mass Media and Publication In order to strengthen the faith vision of people of God especially children and youth Media and Publication department focused their attention to convey religious messages.Our You tube channel ‘St. Euphrasia Province, Karnataka’ keeps its identity in the evangelization field by using Kannada language to educate, inspire and imbibe the Christian values in this mission area.

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We are glad that we run two schools for the children of Gujarat, having very good strength. Our Sisters also serve in the schools run by the Diocese in Rajkot. We try to impart quality education to the children. Our schools aim at the academic excellence, development of skills and character formation, based on the love of God and service of mankind. Our sisters keep up good rapport with the families of children and conscientise the parents about the need of education. We feel that we touched them and that they have grown.

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The sisters’ services in the Dispensaries are a great blessing for the villagers. As the hospitals are not avail in the villages, the sisters provide devoted medical care for the patients who come from every corner of the different villages.

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Healing Ministry

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Social Work

Our sisters had to face great challenges while working among the different villages with different caste, having multiple cultures, customs, traditions, dialects and unfamiliar situations. Even today development has not touched most of the villages where we started our communities. No proper travelling facilities, no hospitals or formal schools are avail for the village folk. The villagers accepted us as their own, cooperated with us. Our sisters stand with them in their struggles and difficulties and help them in faith formation, education, health care, and other areas. We are happy to state that we love the people with whom we work.

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